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  Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne - the second most visited resort in Czech Republic. The resort is 160 km away from Prague near the border with Germany in picturesque wooded valley.

Marianske Lazne spa architecture is unique, and a true gem of the city is colonnade, built in 1889 and "Singing Fountain" - a perfect combination of water games, color and sound. Marianske Lazne is rightly proud of one of the oldest golf course, founded in 1905 by English King Edward VII. Guests of Marianske Lazne can join swimming pools, saunas, solariums, fitness centers, tennis courts, yacht club, riding school and many other attractions.

Medicinal springs in Marianske Lazne resort

Only within the city, there are 39 springs of calcium- bicarbonate-magnesium-iron and sodium-sulfur-sodium acid mineral water. For treatment is also widely used mud and dioxide gas. The city and surrounding hills dot hundreds of mineral springs with a high content of carbon dioxide and iron. Many of them are marked by neat colonnades and grand pavilions. The most famous is a Cross Spring, surrounded by a colonnade with a dome.

SPA hotels in Marianske Lazne - our golden partners

Nove lazne Spa hotelNove Lazne Spa Hotel

 Unique building with majestic architecture for the most beautiful and best resorts in Marienbad was built in 1896 after a significant restructuring of the old building, standing here from 1828. Due to its location close to colonnade and parks, New Lazne began a major medical center of the city.Today resort provides to guests the most extensive list of therapeutic and relaxation permits on basis of natural remedies.



The resort is located in a beautiful wooded park and offers a magnificent view of the resort town. In the vicinity of the hotel there is a golf course Royal Golf Club Mariánské Lázně.Among the visitors were such famous personalities as Goethe, Straus, Kafka, Kipling, Nobel and many others. The English King Edward VII visited it for nine times.


Vltava Spa hotel

Vltava Spa Hotel

The resort complex Vltava is located in a quiet part of town with a beautiful panoramic view of the resort. The resort complex is a form by Vltava and Berounka buildings, which are connected by a corridor, as well as detached Vitkov dependance. Directly in the resort are mineral baths, swimming pool, sauna and fitness. It offers a sun terrace with sun loungers and parasols. Just behind the resort complex begins forest park with lots of walking paths and biking trails.


Hvezda Spa hotel

Hvezda Spa Hotel

Unique resort of three hotels - Hvezda, Imperial and Naples, connected by a corridor is a model of resort architecture and historical value in the center of resort town. The complex has a salt cave and a new aqua center with the largest swimming pool in Marienbad.


Bohemia Spa HotelBohemia Spa Hotel

Beautiful historic building of Bohemia 4 * resort is located in central part of Marianske Lazne and offers a new spa services and amenities.Colonnade with the Singing Fountain and healing springs are only 300 meters away.


Centralni Lazne Spa hotelCentralni Lazne Spa Hotel

Sanatorium Centralnni Lazne is located in a center of resort town, near the colonnade, parks and Ambrozhova springs pavilion. Directly in this spa hotel is located Mary spring. Here for the first time began to be used a steam baths and mud wraps for treatment.


Cristal Palace Spa HotelCristal Palace Spa Hotel

Sanatorium Cristal Palace is located in a heart of Marianske Lazne on the main street of the city, close to the city park and the colonnade. At 50 meters from hotel is treatment spring Alexandra.The hotel also has a balneological center.


Svoboda Spa hotel

Svoboda Spa Hotel

Complex of Svoboda sanatorium, Margareta and Palladio is located in a quiet corner of Forest Park, near the colonnade with Singing Fountain. Forest spring Pavilion with promenade is located near the hotel.The complex has undergone an extensive renovation, and Svoboda Corps, Margareta and Palladio were connected by a covered walkway, which allows you to use all the services under one roof.                              


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